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Make your event unique with a vintage Maltese bus

Buses have been operating in Malta since 1905. These vintage buses have become tourist attractions in their own right, due to their uniqueness, and are depicted on many Maltese advertisements to promote tourism.

The old buses are a Maltese vestige bringing out affectionate memories to those who knew them in service. Even those too young to even think about remembering them in standard use across Malta will be thrilled by their one of a vintage feel!

Nowadays, these classic buses have been replaced by a more modern fleet. They are however cherished as part of the patrimony and sought after for the organisation of special events.

Read more about the history of Maltese buses.

At Koptaco we are still offer vintage buses to our clients. Please contact us for more information and prices.

Vintage buses wedding rental:

  • ✓ Accommodate your entire group of guests
  • ✓ Add a vintage flair to your event
  • ✓ Pick up your party and bring it to your reception easily
  • ✓ Great backdrop for your photos
  • ✓ Decorate your vintage bus to fit your wedding theme
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