Koptaco Building, Attard Road, Żebbuġ, Malta.

Transportation Solutions – Discover Our Fleet Range

Your ultimate destination for a comprehensive and diverse selection of vehicles designed to cater to your transportation needs. We take pride in our expansive fleet, ensuring that you find the perfect bus that aligns with your specific requirements.


For those looking for a more compact yet equally efficient mode of transportation, our minibuses are ideal. Perfect for smaller groups or when navigating through narrower roads, these vehicles maintain the same level of comfort and convenience as our larger buses.


Our fleet includes a wide variety of buses, ranging from standard large buses for group excursions or events to smaller, more intimate vehicles for smaller groups or specialized services. These buses are equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

Accessible Wheelchair Buses

At Koptaco, we understand the importance of inclusivity. That’s why we offer accessible wheelchair buses, ensuring that everyone can travel comfortably and safely. These specially designed buses are equipped with features that cater to passengers with mobility needs, providing a smooth and convenient journey for all.

Vintage Buses

To add a touch of nostalgia or uniqueness to your journey, Koptaco proudly presents our collection of vintage buses. These classic vehicles not only offer a distinctive travel experience but also evoke a sense of charm and history, perfect for themed tours or events.

Whether you’re planning a tour, an airport transfer, a corporate event, or any other transportation requirement, Koptaco has the right vehicle for you. We prioritize your satisfaction and aim to match your preferences with the perfect vehicle, ensuring an exceptional travel experience. Our commitment is to provide not just transportation but a seamless and enjoyable journey that aligns with your needs and exceeds your expectations.”