Koptaco Building, Attard Road, Żebbuġ, Malta.

Bus services for school days out

Are you planning school outings for school groups?

Koptaco provides high quality transportation services that will make your day one to remember!

Our transportation services for school days around Malta range from single or multiple locations pick-up and transport to the destinations of your choice to chauffeur service and the rental of one or multiple vehicles for the whole day.

Because we believe your focus should be on providing your students the best possible experience, we take care of all logistical aspects related to transportation around Malta!

School day trips services:

  • ✓ Single location pick-up
  • ✓ Multiple locations pick-up
  • ✓ Single destination
  • ✓ Multiple destinations
  • ✓ Chauffeur
  • ✓ All day vehicle rental

Our Guaranties:

  • ✓ Safety
  • ✓ Punctuality
  • ✓ Dedicated driver
  • ✓ A to Z day outing organisation
Start planning your school outings