About Malta


Whether you are looking to relive 7000 years of history, enjoy vibrant nightlife till the early hours of the morning, practise your favourite water sport, or else just to sit back and relax under the warm Mediterranean sun and indulge in outdoor living at its best, Malta is definitely the place to be.  And enjoy all this in Malta’s perfect Mediterranean weather and climate.

Small in size but rich in treasures, Malta has been correctly termed the “Jewel of the Mediterranean”.  Its World Heritage Sites, most prominently the Megalithic Temples, are the oldest free-standing structures in Europe.  Experience the affect of one of the most famous shipwrecks of antiquity, when St Paul was shipwrecked in Malta.  The Christian legacy can be seen all over the Islands, with churches and chapels a part of the Maltese skyline.  View the later Byzantine Empire remains, followed by the Vandals and the Arabs.  Malta was then ruled by the Knights of Malta, with many of their treasures still all over the Islands.  Later on, Malta was occupied by the Napolean’s troops, and then became part of the British Empire, before Malta gained Independence in 1964.

Your stay in Malta must also include a taste of local cuisine, which is mostly based on fresh seasonal locally available produce and seafood.  Some other dishes reflect Sicilian and Southern Italian, as well as traces of Moorish, Spanish, Berber, French and British influences.  Other restaurants offer one the chance to experience the Far East cuisine and atmosphere.   Continue making your dining experience an unforgettable one by dining on top of the tallest buildings, at one of the many restaurants a stone’s throw from the coast, in a typical Maltese house or farmhouse, or else even al fresco in a quiet and tranquil local village.

The summer period gives you the chance to experience the weekly typical Maltese festas.  The Maltese festas are very much an iconic part of culture in Malta, and thousands of locals gather for each one of these 60 annual festas.  Here one can enjoy traditional Maltese sweets such as  the qubbajt, the holy processions with life-size statues of the patron saint, as well as the amazing fireworks shows produced by the dedicated locals.

To nightlife lovers, Malta boasts a vibrant nightlife scene.  Bars and clubs pump out the latest hits to the delight of revellers dancing the night away.  If you prefer to chill out through the night, visit one of the various wine bars or try out a refreshing cocktail at one of the many lounge bars, or for the risk lovers, try your luck at a top-notch casino.