Village Festa


If you are visiting the Maltese Islands during the summer months, your visit cannot be complete without experiencing a village festa in full swing.  During the peak summer months, there are a couple of festas in various villages every weekend.  These traditions stretch back to the 16th century, so it is no wonder that they are a popular component of Maltese summer nightlife. 

The village festa is a week-long festivity celebrating the parish patron saint, culminating at the end of the week.  Make it a point to visit on Saturday eve and Sunday eve.  Saturday eve generally is the culmination of the fireworks display, both aerial and ground types.  On the last day of the feast, the statue of the patron saint is carried on shoulders to the accompaniment of church bells, aerial fireworks and brass bands as it goes around the village streets in a procession.  Confetti are continuously thrown from the church, house balconies and roofs as the procession proceeds beneath.  The entire village will be decorated with banners, flags and houses are lit in the traditional colours of the particular village.  However, the village church steals the show, with luxurious red damask draping the walls inside and hundreds of coloured lights decorating the outside.  

church feast decorations Malta

Experience months of hard work by the many village volunteers during all these festivities whilst enjoying typical Maltese delicacies such as the qubbajt from the many street-side stalls set-up especially for the festa.  Others may also refresh themselves with a cold, refreshing drink or enjoy an ice cream.  Various fast food kiosks are also set up along the streets.

Are you going to be visiting Malta on the 15th August?  Then you have to make sure that you visit the most popular festa of all, that of The Assumption of Our Lady which is held in various villages and towns.  Another popular festa is that of Our Lady of Victories held on the 8th September, celebrating the defeat of the Turks at the end of Great Siege of 1565 which coincides also with the end of Blitz in Malta and with the feast of the Birth of the Virgin.  The highlight of this great day is the traditional Regatta (boat race) held in the Grand Harbour.

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