About Us

Koptaco Coaches Cooperative Ltd was set up to provide a thorough people transportation service all over the Maltese Islands.  We place customer satisfaction at the forefront of our targets through a high quality service at the core of our operations, thereby ensuring the development of a customer centric organisation built on the values of the Cooperative Movement that we form an integral part of.
At Koptaco, we understand not only what the customer values are, but also the value the customer represents to our bottom line.  Quality is engraved in all the dynamics of our customer facing and back office operations. This is implemented from the point when a customer places an enquiry, to the offering of the service and to the finalisation of the payment function.

Being part of the Cooperative Movement, we firmly believe in engaging in an open dialogue with our customers to ensure that we go beyond their expectations.

An efficient and effective customer care, punctuality, cleanliness, smartness and friendliness of our front and back office staff and the utilisation of modern and safe vehicles backed up with fall back solutions are the key elements of our quality transport and logistic services.

Since 1997, Koptaco has offered its transport and logistic services to a multitude of customers, be they local and international corporates or central and local Government ministries, agencies or entities. We cater from individuals up to large groups, and from small and large events, each of these with different degrees of requirements and complexity.   Koptaco Ltd currently services a number of customers including leading tour operators, Government entities and corporate, as well as small and medium size entities. Recently, Koptaco was involved in the transportation and logistics of a number of sport events such as catering for the needs of the AC Milan, Juventus, Parma, Liverpool, Manchester United and England national football team and their supporting delegations.

Through our persistence for quality in a view to delight our customers, we have deepened our knowledge and understanding in identifying the real and particular requirements of our customer base. Through such a dynamic approach, we are gearing up to leverage the optimal utilisation of our human and capital resource in a cost effective manager.

We firmly believe in the utilisation of the latest technology to support our operations. Information technology is being used to handle customer requests, manage our fleet and support our administration.  Koptaco is also continuously investing in new vehicles which are more energy efficient, more comfortable for our customers, and more cost efficient to operate.

Being part of the Cooperative movement, we are in continual exchange of information and benchmarking exercise with our European counterparts which enables us further strengthen our operations. We seek to retain our leadership within the Maltese transport sector thereby being at a competitive advantage.

Offering value-added services at a competitive price are core elements of our business model based on the importance of sustainability.