Malta’s perfect Mediterranean weather and climate make the Islands the perfect getaway place to pack your bags for and catch that plane to the warm Mediterranean sun.  One can then soak up the sun in days of sunshine throughout the whole year.  Summers are hot and dry, with hundreds of people flocking towards the coastline for a refreshing swim or else in the evening for the cool sea breeze.  Autumns are warm and sporadically wet, whilst winters are cool with adequate rainfall.

Nearly three-fourths of the total annual rainfall of about 600 millimetres falls between October and March.  One can expect June, July and August to be quite dry with very limited rain.  The temperature is very stable and one surprises are rare.  The annual mean is 18C, with the lowest mean in (January) of 12C and the highest in August being 31C.  The lowest official temperature ever recorded was at Valletta on 19 February 1895, with 1.2 °C (34.2 °F), and the highest official temperature was 43.8 °C (110.8 °F) recorded in August 1999 at Luqa International Airport.

The summer months from July to September are the peak months for tourism.  The Island’s beaches are frequented by hundreds of people daily, with the calm blue seas being a strong luring force throughout the whole summer months.  The winter months are much warmer than other European countries, and one can enjoy an average of about 5-6 hours of sunshine at this time of year.  It is during the Spring that one can be surprised by the weather.  March till May bring that occasional touch of rain, beautiful sunny days, and even warmer days that starts bringing people to the beaches.